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The opportunity and the challenge of retirement today are essentially two sides to the same coin. The opportunity is that in light of ever increasing longevity we can now dream bigger dreams, pursue loftier goals, and embrace greater challenges than retirees of previous generations could have ever imagined. The significant challenge? Making sure that our money lives as long as we do.

Retirement Planning Group of West Virginia believes that there are two significant risks in retirement, one practical and the other personal. The practical risk, rather obviously, is that our money would not live as long as we do. The personal risk is that because of the fear of running out of money, we may never actually relax and enjoy the only retirement we are ever going to have. Retirement is not a dress rehearsal. It is a one act play, and we need to take whatever steps are necessary to help ensure that our “golden years” really are golden. The work that we do with our clients all revolves around assisting them in achieving that all important goal.

Whether it is in developing a conservative investment approach, constructing a retirement income plan, or working to have a more tax efficient portfolio, we are careful to never lose sight of the primary objective: your retirement security and financial well being.